Grupo Cibeles, the best law firm in Almería

Sooner or later it will be necessary to have lawyers Almería, and the most sensible thing that anyone can do, is to carry out a search in advance and have your trusted lawyer already, so that when necessary, every moment can be used in favor of a satisfactory resolution in the face of their interests.

And if not, the best thing is to look for lawyers whose trajectory, experience, commitment, guarantees and trust, are in line with what is sought to be achieved thanks to their services, being the Cibeles Group one of the best in each of these aspects mentioned.


One of the advantages of having a law firm of this type is its multidisciplinary quality, or what is the same, who can solve problems and work with their clients from different perspectives, without focusing solely on one field of law or laws.

Thus, the law firm stands out for services in matters of civil, commercial, banking, inheritance, urban law and horizontal property law, highlighting in turn some of its services that have specifically become the most requested:

– Express divorces: Divorce is a procedure that can last up to 4 months in the “normal” way, but express divorce solves this problem in just under 1 week. Few requirements, much cheaper and less tense than a conventional divorce, and with the best advice.

– Express evictions: Perhaps it is one of the most conflictive and delicate procedures that exist, but the owner has every right and obligation to recover his property and the uncollected rent in the shortest possible time. Grupo Cibeles is the best law firm to process all this.

– Mortgage claims and floor clause: The mortgage loan sector is one of its specialties, especially in advising on mortgage claims, abusive clauses -with overpaid expenses in that sense- and the floor clause, considered abusive and which refers to the inability to fully take advantage of the Euribor drops in variable rate mortgage loans.


As indicated before, there are many services in different branches of Law where Grupo Cibeles has experience, and that is one of the best ways to differentiate the best lawyer or law firm, in its multidisciplinary nature. Because it is difficult to find excellent lawyers in a single specialty, and much more complex to find a multidisciplinary team, so it is something important to take into account.

Another crucial aspect is the confidence and absolute dedication, since there must be empathy and connection between the lawyer and the client, so that the cases can develop and come to fruition; and there must be absolute dedication and total commitment on the part of the professional, and that is how the client should feel, as that will provide even more confidence in your services. If a lawyer seems to always leave you waiting or is not always available to his users, it is best to switch services before it is too late.

Guarantees are among the most important aspects to value. The best law firms have fixed prices and even guarantees, so some charge if the objective has been achieved, or after achieving it, without incurring in the practice of early payment that often makes it difficult for clients to access these services. , or also, they can undermine a bit the trust that may exist from the beginning.

The best, of course, is to take the time necessary to assess each service, or in the case of a law firm such as the aforementioned, request more information and know their way of working, to know that it can be adapted to the needs of each particular case.



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