Growth Investing or Value Investing? Check MNC Sekuritas IG Live at 19.00! : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Stock investment is now increasingly favored by many investors. What’s more, nowadays it’s easier to open a stock account which certainly makes many people more interested in opening a stock account.

There are two types of stock investment strategy approaches that you can learn before diving directly into the world of stocks, namely growth investing and value investing.

Growth investing is an investment strategy that focuses on fund growth. This strategy is recommended for investors who use a small part of their portfolio for a long period of time. While value investing is a strategy in choosing stocks that are undervalued but still have strong potential to rise. Usually the company is stable and has good fundamentals.

Then, which is better between growth and value investing? What type of investor fits the two investment approaches? How to implement the balancing growth and value investing strategy?

Watch it in full on MNC Sekuritas’ Instagram Live today, Thursday (22/7/2021) entitled “Growth Investing vs Value Investing” at 19.00 – 20.00 WIB. In addition to getting a complete review of growth and value investing, you will also get an explanation of the case study of the Indonesia Stock Exchange in Semester II-2021.

This Instagram Live will be hosted by Emtrade Founder & CEO Ellen May and will present Head of Research #mncsekuritas Thendra Crisnanda as resource person. Make sure you watch this Instagram Live only on Instagram @mncsekuritas. MNC Sekuritas, Invest with The Best!


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