Group of Ukrainians attempted to smuggle 12,000 liters of oil out of Serbia via vessel.

Serbian law enforcers last week discovered an Austrian-flagged vessel with a Ukrainian crew that was allegedly trying to smuggle 12,650 liters of oil out of the country.

About this, as he writes “European Truth”, reported on Monday Customs Administration of Serbia.

According to the report, on March 24, at the Veliko Gradishte checkpoint, at the mouth of the Danube between Romania and Serbia, a ship sailing under the flag of Austria was detained during customs control.

“It was found that the so-called ballast tanks were filled with more than 12 tons of oil, although they would have to contain water to maintain the balance and stability of the ship,” the report said.

After fixing the offense, the Serbian court made a special decision, according to which the violators must pay more than three million dinars (25.6 thousand euros) to the Serbian budget – the cost of smuggling plus a fine.

Serbian customs officials do not specify the fate of the ship and crew.

Recall that in February, law enforcement officers of Albania, as part of the Embargo operation, detained a tanker, which, as suspected, could illegally transport Russian oil contrary to the sanctions of the West.

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