Gross wins the Saaremaa rally, Cimdiņš debuts third place in the class

Kristers Cimdiņš / Renārs Škenders. Photo: Saaremaa Rally

On the second day of the Saaremaa Rally, the athletes had to complete seven stages on Saturday. Winning six of the seven stages, George Gross celebrated a convincing victory with the Ford Fiesta WRC. This was Gross’s fifth victory in the Saaremaa Rally. The second place was won by Georg Linam (“Volkswagen Polo GTI R5”), and the third place was won by Egons Kaurs with “Ford Fiesta Proto”. Among the 2WD class cars, the highest place (tenth) was won by Robert Virves (“Ford Fiesta Rally4”).

Of the Latvian drivers, Edgars Balodis / Lāsma Tole (” Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII ”) won the highest place, finishing 17th in absolute and seventh in EMV7 class. Great result for Krister Cimdiņš / Renārs Škenders (BMW 330i). This was the crew’s only sixth rally in his career (there are still several stages of the mini-rally in the crew’s account) and the first in the Saaremaa rally. Despite the strong competition in the EMV7 class (23 cars took part in the start, 22 of which were BMW), Cimdiņš won the 23rd place absolutely and the third place in the class!

Photo: Indrek Allik

Unfortunately, the third Latvian crew Aleksandrs Jakovļevs / Valērijs Maslovs had an accident in the final ninth stage.

Rally results:

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