Grosjean: Other tracks are better suited for overtaking

Roman Grosjean believes that today’s Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna will not abound in overtaking. At the same time, the Haas racer urges not to criticize the features of the track in Imola, but to change the aerodynamics of the cars so that you can closely pursue rivals.

“Probably, there will be a little overtaking, but we should not blame the features of the track for this, – quotes the words of Grosjean Racefans. – It is better to think about how to avoid overheating of the tires when you go close behind an opponent and the car starts to slip. To avoid this, the machine must not lose its downforce.

Other trails are better suited for overtaking, such as Bahrain, where there are long straights, DRS and heavy braking. In Imola we pass the first corner at high speed in fourth or fifth gear. Obviously, if you do not manage to catch up with the opponent’s car long before braking, then you will not have a chance to overtake him.

However, let’s see what will be the degradation of rubber in the race. Before the start, we can only guess what the situation with overtaking will be. “


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