Grocery, Tine | Tine is making a big change with new milk cartons

Now Tine will reintroduce the old milk carton – in a new and environmentally friendly version, and discard the plastic cork.

In the first instance, however, this does not apply to all milk cartons.

Tine’s milk cartons are already 100 percent renewable, both the carton and the plastic cork, they write in a press release. But to reduce climate pressure, they will launch a new and more environmentally friendly carton – without plastic cork – on Tine organic milk.

– We want to test it for a while, and see how it is received by consumers. We are stepping in and trying to take a more environmentally friendly direction, says communications consultant Ingrid Wilberg Arnesen to Nettavisen.

There is now an improved version of the classic opening “fold out and bend all the way back”, which many are familiar with from before the plastic cap came on all milk and juice cartons.

– We are incredibly excited about how the Norwegian people receive the modern version of our nostalgic box. Tine is the first player in Norway to remove the renewable plastic cap, says Bjørn Malm, head of sustainability at Tine, in a press release.

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Can extend the change

The new milk cartons are now being rolled out in all Rema 1000 stores, which are the only ones selling Tine organic milk.

– There will be a test period in the future, but it is unclear how long it will last. We make continuous assessments when we see what consumers think, says Arnesen.

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They have already received both positive and negative feedback on the change.

– If new cardboard and “fold out and bend all the way back” is something consumers really want, we should not rule out that it may come on all the milk cartons eventually, she says, but points out:

– However, we know that the plastic cork is popular, especially since there are many who want to be able to put the carton in the fridge.

Feel free to say your opinion in the poll before you read on, the article continues below.

No change in durability

Arnesen says that many are skeptical about the durability when there is no plastic cork, but she denies that it has anything to say.

– There is no difference as long as you fold it down and close it properly, she says.

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Arnesen says that they have improved the opening and closing mechanism for the new launch of the milk carton.

– It is perfected, so it is easier to open and close it than before. At the same time, the box comes in unbleached board, which is more environmentally friendly than the previous box, she says.

When Tine now cuts the plastic cork on its organic milk, they help to reduce plastic consumption by at least five tonnes every single year, they say.

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