Grimm’s fairy tales in dialect

Mundartfreunde Südhessen present their three new fairy tale CDs with accompanying book in Reinheim.

Charity CDs with accompanying book are available from Mundartfreunde Südhessen.
(Photo: dialect friends)

REINHEIM – Mundartfreunde Südhessen is organizing a charity evening in dialect for Saturday 5 November under the motto “Lache is g’sund” and presents three new CDs with an accompanying book “It was emol, … Märche in Südhessischer Mundard” . It starts at 19:00 in the Sportheim SG 1919 Ueberau.

Participants are the dialectists Peter Dotterweich, the Alweschbecher Knäschd, Friedel Enders, Horst Weber, Monika Dambier-Blank with Karl-Heinz Braun, Marcella Hagenauer, Gret and Pit, who ensure a fun theater program. According to the announcement, the CDs took four years of production time, sound recording and editing in Fritz Ehmke’s recording studio.

You can hear 27 fairy tales spiced in fun local colors, stammered, stammered or stammered by dialect actors, some of whom also live in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district. In the accompanying book, the texts are translated into standard German. Conny Abramzik ​​from Biebesheim painted pictures suitable for the accompanying book, the background shows the motifs of the region of the dialect actors; Marcella Hagenauer from Rödermark-Urberach composed musical interludes for each fairy tale and recorded them in Fritz Ehmke’s recording studio. The tales of the Brothers Grimm have been selected and translated into dialect. The reverse translations into High German which are also printed are intended to support the reader in understanding some dialectal terms in comparison.

For the three CDs with accompanying book you pay 20 euros. Admission to the Saturday event costs 10 euros. Orders can be sent by email to [email protected] or by calling 06254-2830.

The proceeds from the evening and the full sale price of the three CDs with accompanying book will be donated to the association for children with cancer and chronic diseases in Darmstadt / Rhein-Main-Neckar, the organizer announced.

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