Griesheim explores the consequences of climate change

With special measurements, Griesheim wants to find places that are particularly hot or could be flooded. The city needs to be redesigned there.

griesheim ⋅ As one of the first municipalities in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district Griesheim with a special program against the consequences of climate change. A first project was carried out in September and others are planned for next year with the aim of identifying particular heat islands in the city, but also areas particularly at risk from heavy rains.

According to the environmental agency, a thermal map was created on a warm, cloudless day in September with the help of a drone and a thermal imaging camera. Streets with a lot of greenery were flown over, but also those with mostly sealed surfaces, such as the area around the market square. The respective temperatures were recorded in order to be able to see how green affects the microclimate. However, data analysis is still pending.

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