Greta Thunberg stops in front of New York

Two weeks after leaving to cross the Atlantic by Race hunt has climate activist Greta Thunberg the driveway to New York reached. A few kilometers from Manhattan, however, the “Malizia” had one on Wednesday Stopover insert: “We are ahead Coney Island anchored – customs clearance and immigration, ”wrote the 16-year-old Swede Twitter. In the port, however, the boat will only dock in a few hours – around 8.45 p.m. German time.

The north German sailing professional Boris Herrmann, the Thunberg had brought across the ocean, tweeted: “Arrived” and published a photo of Thunberg. For the young Swede go in New York 14 days full of privation without toilet or shower on the open sea ended. There are several in front of her in the coming months Climate protest and conferences. It was on August 14th Thunberg in the British Plymouth set out on their great transatlantic cruise. Herrmann and his co-skipper Pierre Casiraghi brought not only her but also her father Svante and a filmmaker across the pond.

Regular messages from her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

The activist survived the days on the open side with sometimes heavy waves, like regular messages from her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook showed. Weather in Casiraghi last said about her: “Greta holds up really well. ”wrote on her last night at sea for the time being Thunberg early Wednesday morning Twitter: “Country !! The lights of Long Island and New York City ahead.”

Two weeks after setting off to cross the Atlantic by racing yacht, climate activist Greta Thunberg reached New York. Here you can see the pictures of their arrival.

The 16-year-old does not travel by air because it emits a particularly large number of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. So she decided to use the Atlantic to take on on a deep-sea sailing yacht. In the USA she wants to take her fight against the climate crisis to a new level. After a few days of rest, according to dpa information, there are several Climate protest in New York and especially two UN climate conferences Thunbergs Plan.

The youth climate summit of United Nations in New York starts on September 21. The big one follows two days later Climate conference with heads of state and government before the UN General Assembly. Thunberg is expected at both events, but wants to meet other activists, decision-makers and those affected by climate change in the meantime.

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Out Thunbergs Environment also said that she wanted to go to Washington for political talks. A meeting with the US President Donald Trump, which critics accuse of an anti-climate policy, but seems impossible. Thunberg had already said no time Trump To want to “waste”. In December, the 16-year-old wants to attend the World Climate Conference in South American Chile take part. The Swede took a year off from school for her trip.

When I was 15 years old at the time Thunberg a year ago before the parliament in Stockholm set to protest for their country to be more committed to the climate. Their lonely “school strike for the climate” became the global climate protection movement Fridays for Futurewhich also drove a number of students into the streets instead of class in many German cities. The protests influence the debates on the climate crisis and put pressure on governments for more decisive political approaches.

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