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Grenoble – Anglet (Ligue Magnus, 21st matchday) | Magnus League

Winners of Bordeaux (4-2) last night, the Brûleurs de Loups regained a taste for victory after their previous disillusionment against Angers (3-6). A success which allows them to consolidate their third place in the standings and which will have to be confirmed this evening against a less well ranked team, Anglet, currently tenth in the Magnus League. On the first leg in February, the Brûleurs de Loups had won widely (8-4) but had been held in check after two thirds (3-2 for Anglet), a sign that tonight’s match is to be taken. seriously while Bisaillon, Tartari and Valier are still missing in the ranks of Grenoble. For Anglet, this is the penultimate game of the season before hanging up the skates tomorrow night in Nice. After two short defeats in Cergy (4-5) and against Gap (1-3), the Hormadi obtained a resounding success against Briançon (6-0). Enough to regain confidence before the final sprint of the season. Note that Sébastien Raibon is titular in front of the Grenoble cage this evening to face an old acquaintance on the other side of the ice, a certain Antoine Bonvalot back at Pôle Sud!

As you might expect, the Wolf Burners are on the offensive from the kick-off. Joël Champagne tests Bonvalot for the first time, which captures the puck well. But a few moments later, Kearney pulls out the puck from the gang for Legault, whose wrist shot surprises Bonvalot who sees the puck come up in the skylight (1-0, 01’25 ‘). The players of the Hormadi react rather well to this opening of the score and rush into the offensive zone. The equalizer is very close on a delay of Riendeau for Batna who has the cage wide open in front of him but sees Horak come back in extremis to deflect the puck. Very intense, the Angloys continue their offensive pressing but an excess of commitment from Decock pushes him to commit an irregular charge on Rohat in the offensive zone. Grenoble therefore benefits from a first numerical superiority in this meeting. The power-play takes time to settle on the Grenoble side but Damien Fleury recovers the puck in the defensive zone, reviews the Angloy players and scores on a deflected shot which surprises by Bonvalot on the side of the mitt (2-0, 04 ’36’).

2021 03 25 grenobleWith two goals scored in five minutes, the Brûleurs de Loups could not hope for a better start. They continue to attack with Legault in particular who finds himself well placed in front of the cage but this time Bonvalot captures the throw. In the process, Louis Vitou was penalized in turn for tripping Flavian Dair. The opportunity to increase the score for Grenoble with this second numerical superiority. The puck is going well, Kearney, put in a good position by Aleardi, could have materialized but Bonvalot manages to push back. Treille asks the Angloy doorman on a one timer. Anglet manages this time to kill the penalty but is cornered in his zone by a very offensive Grenoble team who does not let his opponent breathe. The penalties are linked for the players of David Dostal: Batna trips Fabre behind the angled cage then Beaudoin charges Legault in front of the slot: it is a double numerical superiority for the Brûleurs de Loups! Great opportunity to take three goals in advance for Grenoble but despite a siege in the offensive zone, the shots from Grenoble lack precision and Anglo boxplay manages to kill the penalties. Despite this missed opportunity, the Wolf Burners continue to attack. Bonvalot blocks a throw from Rohat’s wrist in good position. Largely dominating over the whole of the third, the Isérois return to the locker room with a lead of two goals on the scoreboard, a lead that could even have been even more important with a little more realism.

2021 03 25 bench grenobleThe start of the second period is balanced between the two teams: Decock throws to the cage but Horak deflects the puck. Well on their feet, the Angloys pushed back the Wolf Burners who had a harder time being dangerous in the offensive zone. We have to wait three minutes to see a shot on target from Onno, without danger for Bonvalot. A late charge by Legault against the gang allows Anglet to obtain a first numerical superiority in the meeting. The opportunity for the Hormadi to revive but the Angloys are struggling to install the power play. Riendeau still manages to put the puck on the cage but Horak ends up freezing the puck. Anglet is scared with a loss of puck in the offensive zone which leads to a breakaway from Fabre who goes to challenge Bonvalot but he loses his duel. The Angloys then had a good period of possession in the offensive zone without finding a really dangerous situation. But they are very close to opening their goal counter on a change of line badly negotiated by Grenoble: the puck returns to Ranger who appears in front of the slot but stumbles on Horak. Hardly returned to numerical equality, the Burners of Wolves are again sanctioned by Treille for a high stick. Anglet can therefore go on with a second numerical superiority. And once again, Grenoble has a big opportunity outnumbered with a two against zero from Fleury for Legault who can not conclude against Bonvalot. The Grenoble boxplay easily kills the rest of the penalty without being worried.

2021 03 25 lucien onnoBack at five against five, the Brûleurs de Loups regained the ascendancy and Quattrone was not far from concluding a good collective action from the fourth row. The Grenoble pressing on the puck carrier is becoming more and more intense and the Anlgoys are losing the puck more and more quickly in their defensive zone. And by dint of keeping possession of the puck, the Grenoblois ended up finding the loophole: while a penalty was called against Maso for tripping Legault, Kearney was patient behind the cage to serve Fleury, who stood out who beat Bonvalot at close range (3 -0, 33’16 ‘). This time the break is made for Grenoble who breathes more especially as Gauthier is sanctioned for a knee strike on Onno behind the Grenoble cage. New numerical superiority for Grenoble which can drive the point home. A big shot from Aleardi is blocked by Bonvalot. The Grenoble power play is installed in the offensive zone, Champagne tries to force the lock but stumbles on Bonvalot. The Grenoble captain is intercepted by Neyens who starts in two against one with Tarantino: Neyens takes the shot which is pushed back by Horak on Tartantino who scores outnumbered (3-1, 35’55 ‘)! A big miss of the Grenoble power-play which tries to redeem itself during the 39 seconds which remain to the numerical advantage. Anglet manages to kill the penalty but cracks again on the following engagement for a 100% young goal: Shalei throws to the cage, the puck is pushed back by Bonvalot on Flavian Dair and it is Fabre who concludes by exploiting this rebound of a backhand shot (4-1, 36’42 ‘). This time the Wolf Burners are freed and Anglet has taken a blow in the back of the head. The Kearney-Champagne duo is having a blast. Bonvalot won this time but in the next minute, the Angloy lock cracked again on a two against one led by Fleury for Treille at the end (5-1, 37’49 ‘). The English defense completely cracked at the end of the second third and let the Grenoble surges pass: just before the siren hit, Legault added a sixth goal on a perfect serve from Kearney who had won the puck behind the cage (6-1, 39 ’47’). In the space of three minutes, Anglet sank, conceding three goals.

2021 03 25 fleuryTherefore, there is not much suspense left in the third period disputed on a very soft pace. Léo Bertein replaces Antoine Bonvalot in front of the Anglo-English cage following his difficult end of third. Since the middle of the second period, Edo Terglav has been testing new lineups with two “big” offensive lines and two younger lines that have plenty of ice time given the magnitude of the score. More present defensively, the Angloys stopped the bleeding defensively. Ranger even offers itself a great opportunity on a foray in front of the Grenoble slot. But Sacha Treille in turn has a huge opportunity to score Grenoble’s seventh goal on an opening from Damien Fleury. His shot is off target. The debates are more defensive in this third period. Baylacq had a good opportunity in the center but it was Treille who ended up finding the net again on a very nice breakaway on the left side during which he mystified the Angloy defense to conclude with a cross shot (7- 1, 52’44 ‘). The cup is full for Anglet who has long since abandoned any ambition in this match. A whistled penalty against Guillaume Beaudoin for an obstruction on Fabre offers a last opportunity in numerical superiority in Grenoble. Without consequence despite a last big opportunity from Fleury who tries to shoot between the legs of Bertein who makes a second rescue against Legault present on the rebound. The two teams end the game in freewheeling, the score having already been acquired for a long time.

2021 03 25 horakLargely domineering throughout the game, the Brûleurs de Loups really distanced themselves from the score at the end of the second third time by scoring 3 goals in 3 minutes after having stumbled against Antoine Bonvalot for a long time. The Grenoble attack turned at full speed with lines regularly changed throughout the meeting. This time the offensive leaders responded: Fleury, Treille and Legault each scored a double while Kearney delivered 3 assists. The youngsters were not left out with a goal from Fabre and a good ice time for the fourth row. With only two penalties conceded, Grenoble was disciplined and made the game easier. A great squad review before the last match of the season, a shock expected against Rouen next week.

For Anglet, the evening was more difficult. Thomas Decock’s teammates, however, resisted well for 35 minutes, conceding a delay of only two goals due to a failed start to the match (two goals conceded in five minutes). Very solicited, Antoine Bonvalot was present until the end of the nightmarish second third. The English defense, battered throughout the match, failed to contain the Grenoble attack before recovering in the third third. Three minutes of absence which cost Anglet dearly. The Hormadi will try to end its season on a better note tomorrow night in Nice.

(Photos by Philippe Crouzet)

Grenoble – Anglet 7-1 (2-0, 4-1, 1-0)

Friday March 26, 2021 at 8 p.m. at Pôle Sud. Game behind closed doors.
Arbitration by Yann Furet and Jérémy Rauline assisted by Quentin Ugolini and Joffrey Yssembourg
Penalties: Grenoble 4 ‘(0’, 4 ‘, 0’), Anglet 12 ‘(8’, 2 ‘, 2’)
Shots: Grenoble 40 (14, 18, 8), Anglet 21 (3, 9, 9)
Commitments: Grenoble 35 (14, 11, 10), Anglet 22 (6, 9, 7)

Score evolution:

1-0 to 01’25 ‘: Legault assisted by Kearney and Shalei
2-0 to 04’36 ‘: Fleury assisted by Raibon (sup. Num.)
3-0 at 33’16 ‘: Fleury assisted by Kearney and Rohat
3-1 to 35’55 ‘: Tarantino assisted by Neyens (num.)
4-1 to 36’42 ‘: Fabre assisted by F. Dair and Shalei
5-1 to 37’49 ‘: Treille assisted by Fleury and Baylacq
6-1 at 39’47 ‘: Legault assisted by Kearney and Corvez
7-1 to 52’44 ‘: Treille assisted by Rohat and Sauvé



Sacha Treille (2 ‘) – Damien Fleury (A) – Julien Munoz [puis Aleardi]
Dylan Fabre – Joël Champagne (C) [puis Koudri] – Alex Aleardi [puis Munoz]
Denny Kearney – Adel Koudri [puis Champagne] – Maxime Legault (2 ‘)
Timothée Quattrone – Aurélien Dair – Flavian Dair


Yann Sauvé – Sébastien Rohat
Kyle Hardy (A) – Lucien Onno
Julien Baylacq – Nikita Shalei
Maxime Corvez


Sebastien raibon

Substitute: Lukáš Horák (L). Absent: Christophe Tartari, Sébastien Bisaillon, Peter Valier (sprained knee), Patrick McEachen (injured)



Louis Vitou (2 ‘) – Oskars Batna (2’) – Yanick Riendeau
Thomas Decock (C) (2 ‘) – Sébastien Gauthier (A) (2’) – Nicolas Arrossamena
Lionel Tarantino – Pierre Maxime Poudrier – Victor Ranger
Florent Neyens – Enzo Carry – Benjamin Berard
Hugo Baron


Guillaume Beaudoin (4 ‘) – Jiri Hunkes (A)
Jules Boscq – Kévin Maso
Andrea Palat – Mathieu Pons


Antoine Bonvalot [puis Léo Bertein de 40’00’ à 60’00’]

Absent: Riku Silvennoinen, Lukas Kaspar (injured).

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