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Cannabis, gun law, Republic of Europe: The Greens are presenting a draft program in which much remains vague. With that they look at the Bundestag election.

It is a very special gift that the Greens gave the CDU on their 75th birthday on Friday: a gift basket containing ginger, rhubarb spritzer – and the draft for the new Greens policy program. The party leadership presented the paper to the public a little later in the morning.

The Greens plan to adopt the final version in autumn to be ready for the 2021 federal election. It is self-confident: “A program for the breadth of society”, as party leader Annalena Baerbock says, “should underpin our claim to leadership for and with this society”.

Externally, the paper appears slimmed down compared to the current policy program, which was decided in 2002 during the red-green government, 58 pages instead of 181. In terms of content, the party leadership dares to take the big step. At the forefront, how else could it be, is ecology. But Baerbock emphasizes: “You don’t have to choose between good climate protection policies and social justice.”

The draft envisages returning income from “environmentally friendly instruments”, such as CO₂ taxes, to citizens. “This is the social connection,” says party leader Robert Habeck. There are more social aspects than there used to be, which are decoupled from the environmental issue – a reform of the health system, for example. “The trend towards privatization in the hospital sector” must end to ensure care. The problems would become particularly apparent in the corona crisis, says Habeck. In view of the rising prices for housing, the Greens are demanding that “land, particularly in the big cities, be increasingly transferred to public ownership”.

Advocate for a “Federal European Republic”

In the draft program, some things become concrete, from the well-known Greens demand for the legalization of cannabis to a tightening of the gun law up to the proposal to develop the EU into a “Federal European Republic”.

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In general, the EU: According to the Green Party, it should pursue its own economic and fiscal policy, which also included its own tax revenue. The Greens also call for an “active industrial policy,” says Habeck, which ideally should be coordinated at European level. This means that “the raw materials that Europe needs to be crisis-proof have their own production”. Steel, aluminum, glass, paper or chemicals are mentioned in the program draft. Europe should become more independent of a world market that is exposed to tensions between the United States and China. Much of the draft is not so specifically worded, but that, say the two party chairmen and federal executive director Michael Kellner, is in the nature of a policy program. “If we do it well, and that is the aim of this program, 2020 can be a turning point towards a crisis-proof society that is brave and prepared for the future,” says Baerbock. “We formulate the claim to lead the debate in all areas.” Everyone should decide for themselves whether the CDU should understand the draft program for their birthday as a “declaration of war”. In any case, CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak thanked Michael Kellner for the gift basket.


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