Green youth against short: ‘politics of racist narrative’

Vienna. The “Fridays For Future” movement is announcing a demonstration in front of the Federal Chancellery on Friday, and the Green Youth is already creating a mood on social media against the turquoise-green government program that has just been presented. Climate protection is primarily concerned with speeding up the greening of the tax system – the current plan is for 2022. According to “Fridays For Future”, this “does not correspond to the urgency of the situation”.

Meanwhile, there seem to be intra-party problems among the Greens. If Werner Kogler only raved about the respectful dealings between turquoise and green negotiators on Thursday afternoon, a different breeze will blow from the ranks of the Green Youth. A post by the “Green Alternative Youth” accuses the ÖVP and above all Sebastian Kurz a policy of “racist narrative”:

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“The ÖVP announces the conclusion of the government negotiations. It announces that it wants to” fight illegal migration “(!) And” protect borders “. If ONE must not happen, then the racist narrative of the short ÖVP becomes a consensus. If we do If the Greens don’t oppose it, then no government participation in the world will pay off, “is the posting.

“Fridays For Future” announce mega demo for Friday

The climate movement Fridays For Future has announced a demonstration in Vienna tomorrow after the presentation of the turquoise-green government program for tomorrow: At 1:00 p.m. a human chain is to be formed around the Federal Chancellery, among other things because greening the tax system from 2022 “does not make the urgency of the situation “would correspond.

“Because only when compliance with the 1.5-degree target and global climate justice are assured will our climate protests come to an end – and we are still a long way from that with regard to Austrian emissions in 2019,” said Anika Dafert of Fridays For Future Salzburg on Thursday evening in a broadcast. One could not let two years pass unused, since emissions would have to decrease radically from 2020. However, the planned climate protection measures are welcomed in the government program.

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