Green pass: for one night Porto Trieste becomes a disco – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, OCTOBER 16 – Unusual crowd in front of Varco 4 of the Port of Trieste at midnight where instead of beefy Balkan or Eastern European truck drivers over two hundred people dance and have fun to the sound of techno or strongly rhythmic music shot by a acoustic box. Among the LED signs that surround “slow down” “caution” and the gigantic towers with white lights in the industrial scene, the disco meeting looks like a rave party. The protest of the dockers – a few tonight – has turned into a party and the port into an open-air disco.

Lots of young people, lots of beer and even a few joints, those who don’t dance hold back to talk even though a cold “borino” blows. Others brought folding chairs with blankets for shelter and some even tents for camping.

Every now and then, just to stay on the subject, a voice says “no green pass” or an insult to the Draghi government. Everyone then turns around, joins the choir for a few moments, then starts dancing again. It can be late, tomorrow is Saturday. (HANDLE).


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