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Green light OIC measures to expand investment opportunities

Tuesday 02 February 2021, 20.04 hours.

Green Light OIC Board measures to expand investment opportunities

In the COVI safety insurance companyAnd poisoning low interest rates

Dr. Suthipol Thaweechai Kan Secretary General of the Supervisory Board andTo promote insurance business (OIC) revealed that the meeting of the supervisory board andTo promote the insurance business (OIC Board) No. 1/2021 on January 29, 2021, which was chaired by Mr. Krisada Jeenavicharana, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, resolved to approve the measure.Investment of insurance companies In order to expand the opportunity to investIt also encouragesInsurance companyCan spread the riskBetter investment riskUnder the current situation atThe Thai economy is in a slowdown. And still have to face uncertaintySleep in many factors And low interest rate conditions Including the diffusion situationOutbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) with the approval ofThe announcement of the Supervisory Board andTo promote the insurance business. Investment in other businesses of the company.Life Insurance / Life Insurance CompanyNazsana (No. 5) and the draft announcement of theAnd promote business operationInsurance on the type and type of capital Including the rules, methods and conditions for calculating the payrollOf life insurance company / companyNon-life insurance (No. 4) before proposing to the chairman of the OIC for further consideration to sign the measures as follows:

First of all: open new investment channels that provideThe company can invest in mutual funds.D at home and abroad withAs a debt instrumentThe reliability is lower than thatAble to invest (Non-Investment Grade) can not exceed 10% of the net investment asset value (NAV) of that fund. And improve the regulationsDirectly in the event that the issuer orDebt instruments were downgradedThe credibility is lower than the Investment Grade that previously had to be sold at the first opportunity.Can only be done to achieve flexibilityUnder current economic conditions Therefore allowing the insurance companyCan continue to hold such instrumentsIt is possible to invest both directly and throughOf the above mutual funds When included with assetsOther investments must not exceed 5% of each company’s investment assets.T

Second point: improve the financial maintenance criteriaFund according to risk level By improving the specific risk from very high to lowerAt a level appropriate to the situationPresent to give moneyOf the company reflects the riskThe risk of debt instruments that the company tookIn the event that investing in debt instrumentsOf the company according to the announcement thatBy investing in other businessesOf life insurance companies and companiesNon-life insurance For both investment in andAnd improve theThe reliability of debt instruments.Issued abroad by NitibuCompanies registered in Thailand To calculate the capital forCredit risk by using a credit ratingOf the issuer of the instrumentRating of credit in Thailand (Local Issuer Rating) mutatis mutandis.

Third: improve the methodologyThe reliability of debt instruments.Issued abroad by NitibuCompanies registered in Thailand To calculate the capital forInterest rate riskThe credit rating of the issuer (Specific Risk) is used.Of the issuer of the instrumentThe credit rating in Thailand (Local Issuer Rating) is mutatis mutandis and relieves the risk fee forInvestment in all instruments mutual fundsIt is a Foreign Equity Fund with a proportion of investment in all instruments.In the indexOf countries developed market from 80 percent or more by allowing the company to calculate the moneyFund for riskOf the market from the investment unit price using theLook through according to the current guidelines.Record or calculate by using the risk value25 percent multiplied by the total Net Asset Value (NAV).Use that method regularly in order to promoteIn a foreign country Which is the distribution of risksRisk of port and reduce riskSystem by this measure to be effectivePeriod for a period of 1 year

“The revision of the regulationsTo be more flexible Like giving vitamin seriHis potential and strength toThe insurance business sector to increaseThere is an opportunity to be able to spread the riskIn investment to combat theThe risks are increasing. Which corresponds to the business sectorInsurance has a letter requesting to come in. The OIC considered the details in detail.Has been carefully and saw that the perforationIt is useful.As a whole, it should have a positive impact on the business sector.Insurance. The Office of the OIC will help track downAccording to the investment promotion measure“The OIC secretary said at the end.

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