Green light of the Chamber with 253 yes and 3 no to the majority resolution on anti-Covid measures

Green light also from the Chamber, after the yes in the Senate yesterday (with 138 votes in favor, 2 against and 12 abstentions, and the absence of the center-right), to the resolution of the majority on the communications made yesterday in the classroom by the health minister Roberto Speranza on Covid containment measures19. The yes were 253, the no 3, the abstentions 17. The opposition did not vote. This is the third vote on the extension of the state of emergency to January 31, 2021 and the new measures contained in the Dpcm, after twice yesterday the quorum was not reached also due to the honorable members in quarantine after the two Covid cases ascertained in Montecitorio.


A total of 120 deputies on mission, a number that also includes those in fiduciary isolation. Last night, in fact, the junta for the Regulations decided that the parliamentarians in quarantine are considered on a mission. In this way, resulting in justified absences, the quorum for reaching the quorum is reduced.


In any case, the government would be oriented to postpone by a week the dpcm for the new ones rules against Covid. In the meantime, the dpcm currently in force would be extended by one week to avoid a regulatory vacuum.

Among the measures confirmed in the decree by which the government extends the state of emergency until January is that onoutdoor masks, mandatory only when you are close to other people not living together. Those who do not adapt, either for personal choice or for carelessness, risk fines from 400 euros to 1,000 euros.

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The Regions are also allowed to have more restrictive measures, while it is strictly forbidden to loosen the links with respect to the rules imposed at state level. The other novelty is instead the extension of the countries arriving from which the mandatory buffer is essential: to the list, extended, which already includes Croatia, Greece, Malta, Spain and seven regions of France are added Holland, Belgium and England. Another point is the extension of the state of emergency to January 31, 2021, the subject of the decree to which the Dpcm itself is hinged.


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