By ASSP dated 05/10/2022, a SASU called:

The head office : 11 Allée du Lauragais 31770 COLOMIERS Capital : 100 € Objet social : Car registration services Vehicle purchase and resale activity President : Mr. HOUBAINE BRAHIM residing at 54 ALLEE DU LOT APP 32 BAT B ETG 3 31100 TOULOUSE elected for an unlimited period Admission to meetings and exercise of voting rights: Each shareholder is invited to the Meetings. Each share gives the right to one vote. Approval clauses: The shares are freely transferable between shareholders only with the agreement of the Chairman of the Company. Duration : 99 years from its registration with the RCS of TOULOUSE.

The advertising formalities are necessary for the validity of the acts in accordance with Law No. 55-4 of January 4, 1955 and Decree No. 2012-1547 of December 28, 2012. However, the person mentioned in the advertisement may request his delisting with search engines.

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