“Greed of some countries over the Amazon is a reality”. Jair Bolsonaro criticizes Joe Biden – O Jornal Económico

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro reacted this Wednesday, September 30, to the appeal of the US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, for a worldwide effort that brought together 17.7 billion euros (20 billion dollars) to stop the destruction of the Amazon.

“US presidential candidate Joe Biden said yesterday that he could pay us 20 billion [17,7 mil milhões de euros] to stop “destroying” the Amazon or it would impose serious economic restrictions on us ”, wrote Jair Bolsonaro on Facebook, stressing that“ Brazil has changed. Today, its president, unlike the left, no longer accepts bribes, criminal demarcations or unfounded threats ”. “Our sovereignty is non-negotiable,” added the Brazilian president.

Jair Bolsonaro, who classified Biden’s proposal as “regrettable”, guarantees that “the greed of some countries on the Amazon is a reality. However, “the external interference by someone who disputes the command of his country clearly signals giving up a cordial and fruitful coexistence”, stressed the Brazilian head of state.

In his publication, the Brazilian head of state recalled that his government has carried out “unprecedented actions to protect the Amazon” and that “US cooperation is welcome, including for sustainable investment projects that create decent jobs for the population. Amazon, as I have talked to President Trump ”.

Jair Bolsonaro also pointed out that he is the “head of state who fully reopened his diplomacy with the United States, after decades of hostile governments, so disastrous and gratuitous declaration”.

– US presidential candidate Joe Biden said yesterday that he could pay us $ 20 billion to stop “…

published by Jair Messias Bolsonaro in Wednesday, September 30, 2020

During the presidential debate on Tuesday, September 29, Joe Biden assured that he would join forces with other countries to say to Brazil “Here are 17.7 billion euros, stop, stop destroying the forest. And if you don’t, it will have significant economic consequences, “according to” Bloomberg. “

Official Brazilian data, cited by “Reuters”, show that the level of destruction in the Amazon in 2019 corresponds to an area roughly the size of Lebanon.

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