“Greed”: Bütikofer settles accounts with the IOC’s China policy before the Olympics

KWith the Winter Games in Beijing underway, the International Olympic Committee has been criticized for its treatment of the hosts. “Fear and greed drive the IOC’s China policy. And that’s disgraceful,” Green Party politician Reinhard Bütikofer said.Rheinische Post“.

The head of the European Parliament’s delegation for relations with China accused the umbrella organization and its German President Thomas Bach of being “in the pockets of the dictators who still dare to organize the Olympic Games because of their unlimited profit orientation”.

China is accused of human rights violations in dealing with Uyghurs and Tibetans, suppressing the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and threatening Taiwan. However, Yang Shu, a member of the organizing committee, had warned athletes and officials against making critical statements during the Olympics. Any behavior that goes against the Olympic spirit “can be punished with a specific punishment”.

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Bütikofer accused the IOC of not having protested. “This announcement by the Beijing leadership was a breach of the statute of the IOC,” said the top politician. However, he advised the athletes not to “take the risk” with criticism of China.

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