Greece has improved the issuance of QR codes

“There remains an absolute obligation to register your trip on the website for all people entering Greece”, appeals the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reminds that the form must be completed no later than 24 hours before departure. “However, we recommend that you register your travels in advance,” encourages the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And he warns that travelers who do not have a QR code may be denied boarding by airlines. “The Greek authorities have the right to impose a fine of 500 euros on the traveler for failing to fulfill this obligation,” informs the Ministry of Diplomacy.

After completing the PLF form, a QR code will be generated, which must be presented at check-in and when crossing the border with Greece: by air, land or sea. The code should be printed or saved electronically so that border authorities can scan it. In the PLF form, please provide personal data, flight number, country of origin, place of accommodation in Greece, travel companions, as well as contact details. “It is possible to fill in one PLF form for a family traveling together” – informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the event of not receiving the QR code, travelers are required to print the confirmation of completing the application from the e-mail and print the application in pdf form and fill it in by hand. People planning to stay in Greece have repeatedly complained that QR codes were sent at the last minute. Now travelers are expected to receive them a few minutes after completing the PLF. Athens assures that they have improved the code issuing system and you need to wait no more than a few minutes for them.

Ewa Wysocka

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