Great! These are 10 Giant Insects Today

Who’s afraid of insects? This is called entomophobia. Even a tiny insect can make a person with entomophobia scream out of whack. So what if the insect is really big? Predictably that would knock them out.

Speaking of large insects, several types of insects are born with giant sizes. Its body size can reach the size of a fist which is hard to believe. Are you curious? Here are some of the types of insects.

1. Weta giant

This New Zealand endemic creature can measure up to 10cm and weigh 70g. At least to date there are 11 species recorded and all of them inhabit New Zealand.

2. Goliath Beetle

Great!  These are 10 Giant Insects

It is not only an astonishing size but also weight. This 11cm insect can weigh 100g when it enters the larval stage. However, when entering adulthood, the weight is reduced by half.

3. Queen Alexandra’s Butterfly

Great!  These are 10 Giant Insects

Beautiful and big. When stretched, this female butterfly can have a wingspan exceeding 25cm. This insect was discovered in Papua New Guinea in 1907 and was given this name in honor of Alexandra of Denmark.

4. Atlas moth

Great!  These are 10 Giant Insects

Similar to a butterfly, but not a butterfly. The Atlas moth is recognized as the largest living moth in the world because it can be as large as one bird. The wingspan can reach 24cm.

5. Tarantula eagle wasp

Great!  These are 10 Giant Insects

You know how big the tarantula spider is and this wasp is able to hunt it. The tarantula eagle wasp or spider wasp is up to 5cm long and has a very dangerous sting. It feels very painful and can be paralyzing.

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6. Atlas beetle

Great!  These are 10 Giant Insects

Named after the giant figures of Greek mythology, the Atlas beetle measures up to 13cm. This beetle is often found in Southeast Asia, especially in our country Indonesia.

7. Giant digging cockroaches

Great!  These are 10 Giant Insects

This is your biggest fear: giant cockroaches. Also known as rhino cockroaches, these cockroaches are the heaviest ever. It is 7cm long, however it has no wings and is not considered a pest.

8. Grasshoppers worship

Great!  These are 10 Giant Insects

Not a rare insect, but the largest ever found at 20cm. Praying mantises are known as sniper hunters who rarely escape their prey. But on the one hand, they are also known for their cannibalism.

9. Giant water insects

Great!  These are 10 Giant Insects

As the name implies, this insect lives in water and is super large. They are able to grow up to 12cm and prey on fish and frogs. In some places, they are known as thumb bites because they frequently bite swimmers who disturb their habitat.

10. Giant stick insects

Great!  These are 10 Giant Insects

Having the Latin name Phryganistria chinensis Zhao, this insect was only discovered in 2016 and can reach 62.4cm in length. Even for these young insects, they can still be up to 26cm long

Those are the super big insects. Are you crazy? Maybe this was the real monster embodiment. Assuming their number is uncontrollable like cockroaches in your house, surely each of you will be paranoia.

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