Great: the Higuain brothers are finally going to play together thanks to Beckham’s club

Great news from the MLS: the Inter Miami CF After Gonzalo Higuaín, owner David Beckham has also attracted his older brother Federico Higuaín. The two will therefore really play together for the first time.

Where Gonzalo Higuaín (32) caused a furore in Europe for clubs such as Real Madrid, Napoli, Chelsea, AC Milan and Juventus, Federico operated more in the lee. The 35-year-old midfielder has played for Besiktas and Independiente, but has been playing in the United States since 2012. He was first under contract with Colombus Crew for seven years, before DC United signed him in March.

Due to a player exchange, Federico now relocates to Inter Miami. There he will play together with his little brother, who already settled in Miami last summer. The two were already under contract with childhood sweetheart River Plate between 2005 and 2007, but Federico was mainly rented out during that period. Now they really come together on the field.


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