Great sadness for some drivers: Maserati postpones the launch of the Grecale SUV; the reason is a surprising one – News by sources

Maserati postpones the launch of the Grecale SUV, which should have taken place in November, until the spring of 2022, due to the global chip deficit, Reuters reports, shows.

The announcement of the luxury brand, which is part of the Stellantis group, comes in the conditions in which the lack of semiconductors forces car manufacturers around the world to slow down or suspend production.

Maserati said its decision was the result of continued supply disruptions. “Especially due to the shortage of semiconductors, production volumes would not adequately meet the expected global demand,” Maserati said in a statement.

The global launch of Grecale, which will be produced at Cassino in central Italy, was originally scheduled for November 16. This month, Stellantis also confirmed that it will present Tonale, the new Alfa Romeo SUV, which was expected at the end of this year, in March next year. Stellantis, formed this year by the merger of the Italian-American group Fiat Chrysler with the French group PSA, has stopped production at several factories, including in Europe and Canada, due to the lack of semiconductors.

Component supply problems have led Stellantis to anticipate that it will produce 1.4 million fewer vehicles. The FIM-CISL union said the impact of the lack of semiconductors on Stellantis’ Italian production this year will be more severe and lasting than the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.



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