Great sadness for Harry Mens: ‘Chanel and I broke up’

Harry Mens screamed from the rooftops two months ago how in love he is with his girlfriend Chanel Lohuis, 35 years younger. But now the short-lived relationship appears to be stranded again. “My relationship is already over.”

Harry was married once, had two long-term relationships, and only went on a few dates after that. But the search for true love did not give up on the 75-year-old presenter. A few months ago he ran into the beautiful Chanel, whom he fell head over heels in love with.

Love at first sight

“It happened to me that I fell in love again. Take it from me that it is very serious,” he said in De Telegraaf two months ago.

When the two ran into each other, it was love at first sight for Harry. ,,The spark immediately flew, both with Chanel and with me. We kept in touch after that. We started dating and we both quickly realized that what we felt for each other was not a fad.”

No ‘gold digger’

One of the biggest strengths in the relationship, according to Harry, was the fact that Chanel is a successful businesswoman who lives independently. Rumors about her being a ‘gold digger’, Harry immediately threw in the trash. “Financially, Chanel doesn’t need me. In business she is very successful.”

‘My relationship is already over’

The relationship seemed promising, but now it turns out to be stranded. “My relationship is already over,” Harry tells Story weekly. It is not clear why the two ended the relationship. “I don’t want to say anything more about it.”

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