Great Pardubice and this year’s favorite? Váňa the day before Velká tried the new Taxis!

Robert Neumann,

“I jumped over Taxis twenty-five times. I had a tool: I rode perpendicular to the tallest tree in the nearby grove, I almost always landed here, “Váňa pointed to the place, about half a meter behind the landing edge. His eyes were the bright afternoon sun.

“It simply came to our notice then. I once fell with Železník when we were stopped by animal rights activists, or as they are called. Even so, he would jump over the ditch, knowing that there was a hole behind the fence. Unfortunately, a French horse fell in front of us, Železník tripped over it, “described the 8-time winner of the Great Experience with Taxis from the bottom of the modified ditch.

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It was originally two meters deep, the landing edge perpendicular. “If the horse fell, he could no longer climb. We have to go with the times, I agree with the changes, “Váňa said. The famous obstacle has changed in the summer. A total of 26 horses died on Taxis in the history of Velká Pardubická.

Modified Taxisův příkop the day before the 131st year of Velká Pardubická.

Robert Neumann,

“No one wants to watch horses die on obstacles. But I wouldn’t talk about Taxis getting buried. We just adjusted the shape of the ditch behind the hedge. We used a minimum of soil to create a slope that will reduce the angle and eliminate the dangerous landing, “the head of the Racing Association Jaroslav Müller entered the discussion.

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The favorite is Váňa’s horse

“After the adjustment, even if the horse does not fly over the ditch, it has a chance to rake and run on. We’ll see on Sunday, “added Váňa, who will have three horses at the start (Mahe King, Theophilos, No Time To Lose). The latter, 12-year-old No Time To Lose, is considered a favorite by coaches and jockeys. young men “Eugene with Lombargini or Theophilos with the defender of the championship Hegnus. There will be eighteen horses at the start, the injured Vandual has dropped from the original list.

“No Time To Lose won two qualifiers, it looks like it’s in big form. But I also believe in a good result, which means a placement for which they are still paid a financial reward. Mr Spex managed everything in preparation, he is fine, “said jockey Jan Kratochvíl. Horses from the Czech legend also trust betting offices. They also give Evžen a great chance. seasoned jockey Jaroslav Myška.

Czech racing legend Josef Váňa the day before the 131st year of Velká Pardubická at the modified Taxis ditch with members of the Racing Club.

Robert Neumann,

“This year the race is open. The best current form is No Time To Lose. It suits him all season. If the horse has it, he will usually give the last race. But you know how it is with horses, “said Radek Holčák, coach of last year’s winner Hegnus. Immediately after his triumph, there was talk that Velká was running for the last time. “It would be harder ground to have a race of experiences. If it is faster, our preferences will fall,” adds Holčák.

This year’s Velká Pardubická will run by 3 million crowns (the traditional amount in previous years was around 5 million crowns). The organizers postponed the start by one hour, ie to 15.45. The reason is the effort to increase the safety of horses. At three-quarters to five, when the race was obligatorily started, they could be affected by the setting sun.



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