Great mourning for popular chaplain in Amstetten – Lower Austria

Two priests from the Amstetten branch of the Salesian Don Bosco died on Covid-19. One of them was the sports chaplain Roman Stadelmann, who was particularly popular with young people.

Two elderly priests from the Amstetten branch of the Salesian Don Boscos died of Covid-19. Several other religious who live there are also infected with the corona virus, according to Order Provincial Father Petrus Obermüller on Easter Sunday vis-à-vis Kathpress. The brothers are in quarantine at home, but one is still in critical condition in the hospital. “The Salesians Don Boscos ask for their prayer and benevolent compassion in these difficult times,” said the head of the province.

The Salesians of the house would continue to strictly follow the usual hygiene regulations and the instructions from the authorities, explained Father Obermüller. Since all residents of the religious house in Amstetten belonged to the high-risk group – a few years ago a kind of “old people’s home” was set up here, the priests of the order who were no longer active as pastors or youth pastors – a younger brother, Brother Günter Mayer, was for the duration of the quarantine whose supplies have been dispatched.

The late religious are Father August Pauger (93) and Father Roman Stadelmann (92) – “Today” already reported here. Father Pauger, who died in the Amstetten hospital on Wednesday, had suffered from health problems for a long time, said Obermüller. The priest, who comes from Styrian Groß-Wilfersdorf, has been a part of his career. Pastor in Klagenfurt-St. Ruprecht, Vienna-Inzersdorf and Vienna-Stadlau, he also headed the religious branch in Amstetten as director, where he had lived in the senior citizens’ community in recent years.

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Father Roman Stadelmann, who died on Holy Saturday, was also a pastor in Klagenfurt-St. Ruprecht and Unterwaltersdorf (Lower Austria), since 2002 he has worked in Amstetten. As it was said in the death notice of the born Vorarlberg, the religious had trained altar servers in soccer this year and organized tournaments for them. The priest had also shown his skills in table tennis to the end.

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