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San Francisco, California.- In a game of two completely different halves, the Golden State Warriors ended up achieving a 19-point comeback (the third-largest in their history in the Playoffs) against the Dallas Mavericks to win 126-117 at home and put themselves at the against 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals.

Dallas scored 72 points before halftime with a 3-point fest (15) and just 13 in the fourth after returning to the game. Golden State trailed 67-48 with 2:20 left at halftime and finished without suffering too much in the final minutes, leading by five points or more throughout the final eight-minute stretch.

The outside shot stopped appearing for the Mavericks, who could not sustain themselves even with Luka Doncic’s individualities (42 points and 8 assists with 12-23 from the field) and suffered from the little work of their second unit compared to that of Golden State ( 34 points between Jordan Poole and Otto Porter Jr, just 12 for the entire Dallas bench).

For the winners, Poole was important, but Curry was the one who defined the match with his 32 points (6-10 in triples), 8 rebounds and 5 assists and Kevon Looney who showed them that there was a way: the interior had the best game postseason record of his career with 21 points and 12 rebounds, grinding Dallas inside for an entire second half in which the Mavs, for their part, couldn’t come up with easy shots.

Golden State scored twice as many points in the paint as Dallas: 62-30. He also got double the offensive rebounds: 8-4. Punishes the open formation of Jason Kidd’s as Phoenix could not in the previous series.

Under Steve Kerr as coach, Golden State has won 14 of the 15 playoff series in which it led 2-0 (it only lost the 2016 Finals). Dallas comes from recovering from such a deficit against the Phoenix Suns in a series that changed a lot when it came to Texas, but now it has seen its margin of error decrease quite a bit.

The series in Dallas will continue this Sunday, May 22.

Information: NBA.

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