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With the SDGs now drawing attention, efforts to prevent food loss have become more prominent than ever before. Since the pandemic, the number of times I eat at home has increased dramatically, and I’ve been trying to find the most efficient way to use up the ingredients I’ve bought, but it’s quite difficult. A few days after purchase, it may get damaged in the refrigerator, or it may get freezer burn after being stored frozen for a long period of time.

One of the items that solves such problems is the “vacuum packer”.. Many people love it as an item that keeps food fresh and prolongs its life.Therefore, this time from among the many productsVacuum Sealer with LED Light Mini Light Sealer MOI will borrow it and review it.

Space-saving ultra-compact type vacuum packer

The first thing to consider when considering the introduction of a vacuum packer is the size of the main unit. I wanted to keep the kitchen area as clean as possible, so I had given up on using a vacuum packer that took up a surprising amount of space.

But this “Mini Light Sealer MO”Palm size and super compact. You don’t have to leave it out as it can be easily stored in the kitchen storage shelf.moreoverportable typeSo you can use it anywhere without an outlet. This is a pretty high point.

Photo: Kurumi Tashiro

By the way, in the product box that arrived, there were two types of special airtight bags, large and small. First of all, I would like to charge the main unit and use it as soon as possible.

Easy operation and hassle-free one-shot vacuum

Photo: Kurumi Tashiro

When I opened my refrigerator at home, the first thing I noticed was the cheese left over after opening the seal. If you don’t seal it up properly, it will dry out and become brittle. So I will vacuum pack this cheese.

Photo: Kurumi Tashiro

Put cheese in an airtight bag and close the zipper tightly.

Photo: Kurumi Tashiro

After closing the bag, attach the silicon part on the bottom of the main unit to the blue valve on the top and turn on the switch.only this!

Photo: Kurumi Tashiro

very!Vacuum packed in seconds. Since the air is well removed, cheese that is easy to grow mold seems to be able to keep freshness.

Perfect for storing vegetables and fruits

Photo: Kurumi Tashiro

Well, next is the apple that was left over without being able to eat it all. Apples quickly change color after being cut.I didn’t feel comfortable with wrapping, so I also tried vacuum packing.I’ll try.

If you do it in the same way as before…

Photo: Kurumi Tashiro

As you can see, I was able to create a solid vacuum.If thisIf you cut it into bite-sized pieces in advance and save the portion that you couldn’t eat in a vacuum bag, you can save the hassle of cutting each piece.Isn’t it?

Not only apples, but also vegetables that cannot be used all at once can be cut and vacuum packed.You can shorten the daily preparation time and lead to easy housework.

Juicy foods can also be vacuum-packed

Photo: Kurumi Tashiro

followed by cookedTry vacuum preservation with “Nanban pickles of horse mackerel”. Is it possible to create a vacuum even with food that contains juice?

Photo: Kurumi Tashiro

For juicy items use the included vacuum adapter.After attaching the adapter to the main unit, just like beforejust flip the switch

Photo: Kurumi Tashiro

At the time of suction, liquid accumulates inside the vacuum adapter and prevents moisture from entering the main unit.. However, if there is too much moisture, it will not be in a solid vacuum state, so be careful about that.

In the case of pickled cooking,In a vacuum state, even a small amount of seasoning liquid permeates the entire food, shortening the pickling time.can. You can put it in a microwave oven or a pot with this storage bag, so you can cook efficiently.

Active in the outdoor scene with LED light

Photo: Kurumi Tashiro

“Mini Light Sealer MO” is mini size and portable, so you can easily take it with you when camping or BBQing.andThe main unit has a light function, and it can also be used as a pocket light in the camping scene.They will do it for you. Being able to use it anywhere is a huge advantage.

“Mini Light Sealer MO” is a reference price of 6,500 yen. If you make a joint purchase on the joint purchase site “CoSTORY”,Approximately 25% off at 4,874 yencan be purchased at

The CoSTORY official is hosting the group, so it’s OK just to participate.

portable vacuum packer

*The above link is valid until 21:45 on 1/22 (Sun).LaterherePlease purchase from

Let’s use a compact and multi-use portable vacuum packer to reduce food loss while doing housework.

[What is CoSTORY? ]

What is CoSTORY

CoSTORY]is a new social commerce platform that provides a “joint purchase” experience where you can enjoy shopping with friends, family and colleagues.

By shopping with a set number of people or more within 24 hours, you can receive benefits that cannot be obtained by yourself, such as applying special discounts of up to 50% off and getting limited products*.

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