Great Britain, Health Minister violates alcohol ban: he had launched it

It is controversy in Britain. Health Minister Matt Hancock was accused of violating the ban on drinking alcohol after 10 pm, which he launched himself

Matt Hancock violated his own alcohol ban after 10pm (Getty Images)

In Great Britain, the Coronavirus has returned to worry in a very serious way. The numbers are high, and the situation is less and less under control. The government is imposing new restrictive measures, with the ultimate aim of slowing down the contagion curve and return to a situation more in line with the past weeks.

Meanwhile, he ended up in chaos British Health Minister Matt Hancock. Just a few days ago, she had launched the ban on drinking alcohol after 10 pm. According to various British media reports, yesterday evening the minister went to the House of Commons and, at the bar, ordered a glass of white. The Mail on Sunday explained how the deputy remained at the counter until 22.25, despite the speaker of the House continued to insist on the obligation to respect the 10pm curfew.

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Great Britain, Minister of Health: “I offer, the British health system pays a lot”

great britain minister health
It’s social storm against the British health minister (Getty Images)

A real storm went wild against Matt Hancock, Minister of Health of Great Britain. As part of the anti Coronavirus measures, only a few days ago the British government member had launched a measure which prohibits the intake of alcohol after 10 pm, only to then violate it himself in the House of Commons. But that’s not all. According to what a Tory MP told the Mail on Sunday, Hancock would even be mocked the British government system.

Arrived at the counter to order a glass of white, the Minister of Health would have said:I offer everything myself, the English system is in charge of the payment method… in the end I won’t pay anything“. In these hours, a series of controversies against Hancock are underway on social media, guilty of a highly disrespectful attitude.

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