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Even if the Moser Medical Graz99ers suffered a 2: 3 defeat after extra time last night, it was the fifth time in a row Write to. And accordingly you drive to Klagenfurt with a lot of confidence.

It is 1: 1 between the two teams in the season duels. While you had to take a 1: 5 loss in Klagenfurt, you prevailed 3: 2 in front of your own audience. However, the Grazer go to Klagenfurt with a broad chest, because despite yesterday’s defeat, the 99ers have accumulated 16 points in the past 7 games and reduced the gap to 5th place to 5 points. And even against the VSV, you were the better team for long stretches (38 to 28 shots on goal in favor of the 99ers), you failed in part on yourself. On the one hand, you enabled Villach to score cheap goals, and on the other hand, you couldn’t take advantage of great opportunities ,

But it shows how much morale the team has. The 99ers can no longer be thrown off the track due to residues, fight for every target and fight back. In general, the team’s performance continues to show a strong upward trend.
“We played really well, unfortunately it was individual mistakes that led to the goals conceded. Villach was just happier. The KAC is very strong in ice skating and fighting. We can absolutely keep up with ice skating and will try to be smart in Klagenfurt, ”says Kevin Moderer.

“We have to play in Klagenfurt as against Villach, maybe take more shots and play even harder before the opposing goal,” says Kalle Johansson.

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32nd round – Erste Bank Ice Hockey League
EC KAC – Moser Medical Graz99ers
28.12.2019 – 7.15 p.m.

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