Grandpa Tangshui sells drinks for “8 yuan for 17 years”, which is unbearable to be attacked by the sour people… Give up the business and go back to his hometown: don’t do it | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

A “Grandpa Tangshui” in Wuhan, China, sold drinks and insisted on 2 yuan for 2017. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

There is a 67-year-old Tangshui grandpa in Wuhan, China who set up a stall to sell drinks. He insisted on not increasing the price of 2 yuan (RMB, the same below) for 17 years, and he could refill for free, and children and the elderly were free. This incident accidentally caused a topic on the Internet. Thinking of the popularity of the people, many netizens questioned him for not wearing a mask, the ingredients were unsanitary, and they also spread rumors that his children were unfilial, etc. As a result, the grandfather was finally forced to give up the stall and decided to go back to his hometown.

According to Lu media reports, Grandpa Tangshui worked hard from his hometown in Henan to Wuhan more than 30 years ago. At first, he made a living by selling vegetables, and later he set up a stall to sell drinks. There are various types, including red bean soup, mung bean soup, Tremella soup, rice wine, etc. Some customers drink it. After buying another cup, he simply wrote “free refills” on the signboard. The elderly and children are free. Originally a cup of 1 yuan, it only rose to 2 yuan three years ago.

Someone once asked, “Can this make money?” Grandpa Tangshui responded with a smile, “If you don’t want to make money, just drink well.” Even though his wife urged him to increase the price many times, he still insisted that “2 yuan is good”, ” Although life is difficult, I’m sorry to sell a glass of water too expensive!”

Grandpa Tangshui couldn't bear the bullying and decided to go back to his hometown.  (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)
Grandpa Tangshui couldn’t bear the bullying and decided to go back to his hometown. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

Grandpa Tangshui became popular on the Internet, but it also attracted suspicion from the sour people, saying that he did not wear a mask, gloves, and the ingredients were not clean. In the face of cyberbullying, Grandpa Tangshui felt helpless. He emphasized that his children are filial, but they live in poverty. “Because of this, my grandson was so angry that he cried.” He decided to give up selling drinks at the stall and was going to go back to his hometown, “I won’t do it now. Come on, everyone, don’t go to me, I don’t set up a stall there anymore.”

As for future plans? Grandpa Tangshui said that he would find something to do when he returned to his hometown. In the end, he wished everyone good health and a happy mood. He still had a smile on his face, but he could also see the bitterness hidden behind the smile.

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