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[The Epoch Times, 6 dicembre 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Zhong Youchun) Taiwanese singerWeiqi fanFan Fan) gave 2 concerts in October to herald his return to the music scene, but his grandmother died at the first performance and he later posted a goodbye to his grandmother on Facebook. Unexpectedly, another piece of bad news arrived on the 4th: his father, 75, fell and injured his head in a slip, was sent to hospital for emergency treatment and died. The loss of loved ones one after another has made relatives, friends and fans very distressed.

Weiqi fanOn the 4th, his agent confirmed the bad news to the media: “Fan FanHis father has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for several years, his physical condition is not as good as before and he is relatively weak. Early in the morning of December 4, he fell from a slip and injured his head. After being rushed to hospital for urgent care, he was pronounced dead. “

The brokerage firm also revealed, “At this stage, Fan Fan and Black (Chen Jianzhou) are mainly dealing with Fan’s father’s funeral, and thank you for your concern. Please also leave more room for Fan Fan and Black at this stage. Disturb them and let them focus on family business first. Please forgive me.”

Fan Weiqi, who has been silent for 3 years, returned to the music scene in October this year to give a solo concert. Unexpectedly, shortly after the first performance, her 100-year-old grandmother died. At the time, she wrote on Facebook: “Dear Grandma has returned to her heavenly home, to her favorite God.” “We will always love and miss you.”

It never occurred to me that Fan Weiqi’s 75-year-old father died a month after he sent his grandmother away. Fan Weiqi lost 2 close relatives in two months, which made people feel distressed. Fan Weiqi’s friend Big S (Xu Xiyuan) posted a message on IG in white letters on a black background: “Papa Fan have a good trip!” The little S wrote in condolence: “You are already in heaven.”

Responsible editor: Ye Ziwei

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