Grand Launching Lost Saga Origin Officially Opened

After holding a pre-registration period which was held from February to March 2021, developer Gravity Game The link finally officially opened Grand Launching Lost Saga Origin on April 6, 2021

Therefore, Lost Saga is officially released again by Gravity Game Link after more than a decade. Harry Choi, President of Gravity Game Link said, Gravity Game Link is proud to present Grand Launching Lost Saga Origin, is a classic version of Lost Saga game with hundreds of heroes and dozens mode a game which of course has been very well known by fans of Lost Saga Indonesia. ” Also Read: So as not to be disappointed, consider the differences between Mortal Kombat in games and movies

“Lost Saga Origin is a Lost Saga game with the same version as the one released in Indonesia since 2011, but with some of the latest content that adapts to the updated content from Lost Saga Korea,” continued Harry Choi, in a media broadcast, Thursday (8 / 4/2021).

Lost Saga Origin is a 3D-based Online Game Action Casual Fighting A game that carries the original Lost Saga version, presenting hundreds Hero, tens Mode, as well gameplay which will provide a nostalgic experience playing Lost Saga is interesting and challenging. Apart from advancing a variety of classic features & content, together with VALOFE, a game developer from South Korea, Gravity Game Link through Lost Saga Origin promises to present the newest original version of Lost Saga content from South Korea which fans have been eagerly awaiting. Lost Saga in Indonesia. Also Read: Epic Games: Unreal Engine The Ultimate Creative Visualization Solution

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