Grand Cental station in New York: American excessiveness

Posted the 04/08/2021 4:35 PM

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T.Donzel, L.Setyon, A.Vahramian

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The huge New York station was built in 1871 to reflect the greatness of the United States. It has served as the backdrop for a large number of Hollywood films and remains a symbol of the city.

New York’s train station, Grand Central station, is majestic. It is an architectural gem that blends in with Manhattan’s skyscrapers. You have to enter the lobby to experience this feeling of immensity. It was the first modern station in the world, with electric trains underground. An innovation that accompanies the evolution of the United States. “New York became at that time the second largest city in the world, just behind London but ahead of Paris and Berlin, and it was when this building was built that New York could say ‘we have joined the group of large cities. and the great nations of the world ‘“, explains James Sanders, architect and author of Celluloid Skyline: New York and the Movies.

Grand Central has its secret places. A maze of corridors leads to a tennis court. It takes 80 euros per hour. This space was in turn a television studio or a ski slope. In the hall, a former cinema room has become a wine merchant. This room was designed to broadcast news continuously. The station has served as the backdrop for 50 Hollywood films.

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