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Gran Saga, YouTube Subscriber Thank You Event: Article

NPixel (co-representatives Bong-Geon Bae and Hyun-ho Jeong) announced on the 31st that they will be holding a great thanks to YouTube subscribers of Gran Saga, a mobile MMORPG.

The event runs for two weeks from today (31st) to January 14th next year. You can participate by watching the dance video of the popular character Qi on the official YouTube of Gransa, leaving a cheering comment, and entering the confirmation shot of the support comment and the correct answer to the quiz event link. Winners will receive a variety of gifts such as PlayStation 5 Disc Edition, AirPods Pro, and Shinsegae Gift Certificates.

In the event video, in addition to Qi’s cute dance, you can enjoy the scenery of the Esprogen continent, as well as unique characters, monsters, and NPCs all in one place. By carefully observing the video, you can answer all four quizzes.

Support comments and retweet events are also held on Facebook and Twitter of Gransa, and prizes such as Nintendo Switch and 10,000 won of cultural gift certificates are given through a lottery. The event can be duplicated for each channel, and the winners will be announced on January 20th next year.

NPixel plans to announce the grand opening schedule on the official website of Gransa on January 7th next year and announce the preemption event for the Knights.

For more information on Gran Saga, please visit the official website and the official cafe.

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