Grace Van Dien exposes explicit tweet made by FaZe Rain in ongoing feud: Latest updates

Grace Van Dien, an actress on Stranger Things, has recently exposed FaZe Rain, a co-founder of FaZe Clan, through a video posted on her own YouTube channel. In the video, Van Dien confronts Rain about a sexually explicit tweet he made in 2013, in which he allegedly discussed sexually assaulting actress Emma Watson. In response, Rain denied the post, saying it was “fake” until Van Dien showed him his official Twitter profile. Rain admitted in his own video that he’d posted the tweet and “probably even worse” tweets in the past, which he has since deleted.

Van Dien’s video comes after a feud between the two stars erupted when she was signed to FaZe Clan earlier this month. Rain leaked her addition days beforehand and slammed her for not knowing what “trickshotting” was, calling her someone who is “excruciatingly mid, who I would never let touch me on my drunkest night.” Following this, Van Dien hit back by referencing Rain’s previous struggles with drug use, leading to even more backlash against the actress.

The two eventually met up in a joint video to quash their feud, but instead of smoothing things over, Van Dien ended up leaving the conversation in tears before threatening to leave FaZe if the video was posted. Rain ignored her threat and posted the video on May 31, which led to further drama and criticisms from fans and online commenters.

FaZe Clan later published a statement standing in support of Van Dien, stating that the mistreatment of their newest member was in no way acceptable, and they joined forces with her in the hopes of bringing her voice to the brand. Meanwhile, Van Dien’s response to the issue went unnoticed until she uploaded her own video using footage from their interaction, cutting out scenes from Rain’s own video of their discussion.

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In her two-minute video, Van Dien called out FaZe Clan for their “sexist” comments and brought up Rain’s explicit tweet, which she claimed was indicative of the culture at FaZe. Rain has yet to respond to Van Dien’s upload at the time of writing, but the conversation is split online, leading to a broader discussion on modern-day cancel culture and its effects on social media users.

In conclusion, the ongoing feud between Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain has attracted the attention of the public and initiated a broader conversation on cancel culture and the mistreatment of women on social media. As the situation continues to develop, fans and online commenters await further updates on the drama from the two stars.

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