Grace Sindir Former PSI Cadre Moves to a Bigger Party: Can’t wait


Deputy Chairman of the Board of Builders PSI Grace Natalie satirized former PSI cadres who moved to a bigger party. He considered that today’s young people lack the patience to achieve success.

“We young people like to be impatient. We want everything to be fast, even though the struggle is a long process. We also want it to be fast, if we could have one general election it would go wrong, but it doesn’t. We still have to fight,” said Grace Natalie after the anniversary celebration. 8th, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (31/1/2023).

Grace gave encouragement to cadres who had moved to other parties. He said if the party is big then the cadres will also compete with big players.

“Finally, if there are friends who eventually move to a bigger party, yes, we wish them good luck and hopefully they are also ready to face the difficulties that are there,” said Grace.

“Because if it’s a big ship, the players are also big, meaning that their martial arts skills are also sophisticated. We have to upgrade immediately so that we don’t lose to the seniors. That’s all, hopefully we will continue to fight successfully,” he added.

Rian Ernest Joins Golkar

One of the former PSI cadres who has gone elsewhere is Rian Ernest. Rian has officially joined the Golkar Party.

Rian admits that he chose Golkar because he thinks this party is big and has many great people.

“I think this is a big party and we don’t need to doubt their experience and technocratic abilities. The 8 coordinating ministers for the economy are all Golkar alumni,” said Rian at the Golkar Party DPP office, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (31/1).

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Rian also referred to Golkar as ‘mini Indonesia’ because this party contains various figures. For that reason, he chose the Golkar party.

“And this party (Golkar) in my opinion is a mini Indonesia. In Golkar there are activists, there are technocrats, there are academics, there are entrepreneurs so I think this is mini Indonesia,” he said.

Watch the video ‘Grace Natalie Alludes to Allegations of DKI Social Assistance Corruption’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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