Governor of South Sumatra Facilitates Students to Jakarta, Rejects Job Creation Law

PALEMBANG, – South Sumatra Governor Herman Deru will facilitate student representatives to fly to Jakarta.

The departure of students to Jakarta to convey the aspirations of those who reject the ratification of the omnibus law of the Copyright Act.

Herman said that apart from facilitating student representatives to Jakarta, he would also convey these aspirations directly to the President and DPR RI.

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“Our feelings are the same, what we have already felt, I will convey your aspirations to the DPR or the President, this is still a chance,” said Herman in front of the crowd holding an action Palembang, South Sumatra, Friday (9/10/2020).

According to Herman, it will also control that the government’s rules (PP) which will later be released as derivative products every law; not deviating and again causing uproar in the community.

“The law does not just take effect immediately, there is still a PP. So that the PP will not deviate from it, we will guard it together. From student representatives, I will pay for those who want to escort and go to Jakarta,” said Herman.

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After giving an explanation to the students, Herman immediately signed a rejection statement all the law Work Creation Act presented by the mass of action.

The letter was addressed directly to President Joko Widodo with number 560/220 / Kesbangpol / 2020 which was issued today.

After signing the letter, the students immediately cheered and disbanded in an orderly manner.

Previously, the Deputy Governor of South Sumatra, Mawardi Yahya, was bombarded with stones by the crowd.

Mawardi was stoned because he refused the signature of the statement of attitude presented by the students.

As a result, Mawardi was immediately evacuated by the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) into the room to avoid the throw.


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