Governor Edy’s Promise After the COVID Data Case Annoyed Bobby


Data matters COVID-19 make the mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution, annoyed with the Governor of North Sumatra (Gubsu) Edy Rahmayadi who mentions the Corona data in Medan, it’s a mess. Governor Edy’s response to Bobby’s annoyance was by promising to provide Corona data, which Bobby said was hard to come by.

Initially, Governor Edy revealing Corona data in four regions in North Sumatra is chaotic. There is a big difference in the data reported with the real conditions of Corona cases in the four regions.

“We are four chaotic, four districts/cities are in chaos. Medan, Sibolga, Madina, and Siantar, are in chaos,” said Edy at the Gubsu official residence, Medan, Friday (10/9/2021).

Edy said there was a lot of double data related to Corona cases in the four regions. According to him, many other areas are chaotic, but not as bad as the four areas.

“Others are not chaotic, but there are disputes. But the limit is still below, not increasing. If we are sure we do it right, we are not like this. Why is it up to 400, if I look closely, it’s double,” he said.

He suspected an error occurred during the data input process. Edy said that there are two possible causes of data problems, namely officers who are technologically stuttering, aka ignorant and internet signal problems.

Bobby Upset

Bobby Nasution annoyed because Governor Edy Rahmayadi said the Corona data in four regions, including Medan, was chaotic. Bobby brought up the complexity of the case reporting system.

“We have admitted that so far we have admitted that there are some data that we have not entered. If he is not in a positive condition, the clinics, private hospitals that are regulated there are those who report to the North Sumatra Province. Good results they test PCR, if it is positive or negative they report it to the North Sumatra Province, not to us to the regions,” said Bobby in Medan, Saturday (11/9/2021).

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