Governor Cuomo threatens Trump: he needs protection of the army in New York City – politics abroad

Clash the New Yorker!

The governor of New York warned the US president on Wednesday to return to the Big Apple. If Trump came anyway, he’d better bring an army with him to protect himself, said Andrew Cuomo (62).

Reason for the impressive warning from the Democrat: Trump had announced that “lawless” cities ruled by liberal mayors would cut corona aid funds from Washington.

Just half an hour after Trump announced that he would no longer send financial aid to New York because of the murder and crime rate that has been rising for weeks, Cuomo gave an emergency press conference.

“He’d better have an army if he thinks he can walk down the street in New York. The New Yorkers don’t want anything to do with him, ”fumed the governor.

Foto: Evan Vucci / dpa

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While Cuomo threatened him, Donald Trump spoke in North Carolina in front of the former battleship “USS Battleship”Foto: Evan Vucci / dpa

The conservative local newspaperNew York Post” immediately shot at Cuomo and wrote: “This is a threat to the Commander-in-Chief.”

Cuomo, who, like Trump, comes from Queens, was not finished yet. “He can’t have enough bodyguards to walk around New York City.”

And he questioned the legality of Trump’s five-page memo ordering a review of federal funds to liberal cities. Including: New York City, Portland, Seattle and Washington DC

Cuomo: “It’s always the same of him. It’s political. And it’s illegal. And it’s another attempt at killing New York City. “

Cuomo recalled a quote from 1975 by Republican President Gerald Ford when he refused to bail out bankrupt New York with federal funds. “Ford said, drop dead.” President Trump, however, is trying to actively kill New York City. “

The governor, who has known Trump for many years, speculated that the Republican was actually not angry at New York’s rising murder rate and shootings, but was personally seeking revenge.

“I think that’s because he’s from New York City and New York City always turned him down,” said Cuomo. “He was laughed at as a clown. Those who know him best like him least. “

Cuomo scoffed: “He was not respected in New York. He was just a caricature of the boulevard. “

Referring to an allegation in the book by Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, he said, “Even his sister, a former federal judge, is ashamed of him.”

The Democrat also blamed the President for the catastrophic situation at the Big Apple. Trump’s “negligence” in the Corona crisis is the reason why New York State has suffered the highest number of deaths from COVID-19!

The governor’s critics, meanwhile, blame the governor’s health department for not being allowed to turn away COVID-19-positive patients, which may have led to at least 6,500 deaths.

Cuomo later stated, “Trump is a persona non grata in New York. And he knows that. He will never go back to New York because New Yorkers will never forget the number of times he tried to kill the city that started him and gave birth to him. That’s what I meant by the bodyguards. “

Meanwhile, he received indirect support from New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (59). He announced through his press spokesman Bill Neidhardt: “As much as Donald Trump wants New York to drop dead, we will never let this stand. It has nothing to do with law and order. This is a racist campaign by the Oval Office to attack millions of people of color. “



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