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The Netherlands is currently hosting several tens of thousands of refugees, but in the coming weeks tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people may come this way, according to the Council for Refugees. And if the war lasts a long time, they may live here for years.

Because of the already existing housing shortage in the Netherlands, Ukrainians, like status holders, cannot just find a place. That is why it was suggested during the consultation that ‘to start thinking about Ukrainian villages’, according to a spokeswoman for the Council for Refugees. It is not certain that the villages will actually be built and there are no locations in the picture yet. A Red Cross spokeswoman also confirmed that “numerous scenarios are being considered and this is one of them.” According to her, the plans are still in the “brainstorming phase.”

Not participating

The Council for Refugees believes that Ukrainians should not be accommodated in a separate place, because then they cannot participate in society. “We see more in a mixed solution, that you accommodate different target groups together. That you build places where other refugees and Dutch people can also live. If you receive groups in isolation, it does not benefit integration.”

If the Ukrainians have to stay here longer, it is important that they learn Dutch, according to the Council for Refugees. “If you want them to learn the language and have the opportunity to look for work, it is important that they live in a central location that is accessible, where there are schools, public transport and facilities.”

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