Government Savings Registration Open Borrow money to create jobs up to 50,000 baht 15 Jan.

Government Savings Bank to open loan registration “Foundation enhancement loan” up to 50,000 baht, no need for a sponsor Remedies for COVID-19 tomorrow (15 Jan) first day

On January 14, 2021, the reporter reported. After a cabinet meeting on January 12, 2021, the Ministry of Finance and financial institutions was ordered to issue remedial measures for those affected by the COVID-19 situation. “New wave”

The Government Savings Bank has implemented a low-interest loan program for people affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. For the general public, SME, low interest income and for tourism, a total of 5 measures

Anyone interested in registering for the measure tomorrow (15 Jan) is the first day open for registration through the website For non-Government Savings Bank customers As for those who are already Government Savings Bank customers You can register through the MyMo app.

5 remedial measures

1. Loans for expenses of 20,000 million baht, remaining 2,700 million baht.

  • For self-employed persons, maximum limit of 10,000 baht
  • Interest rate 0.10% per month (flat rate)
  • Installments for up to 2 years
  • Non-payment in the first 6 installments without collateral

2. Fundamental enhancement loan amount 10,000 million baht

  • For traders, self-employed And regular income earners
  • Maximum limit of 50,000 baht, no guarantees
  • Interest 0.35% per year
  • Installments for up to 3 years

3. There are SMEs who have an additional amount of 5,000 million baht, total project limit of 10,000 million baht.

  • Loan up to 70% of the appraised value Up to 3 years
  • 5.99% interest per year

4. Low-interest loan project to help SMEs in the tourism sector, amount 5,000 million baht, remaining 4,200 million baht.

  • The maximum amount is 500,000 baht, no collateral.
  • Travel groups, Thai massage spa, Supply Chain and Homestay
  • 3.99% interest

5.Soft Loan to restore Thai travel amount of 10,000 million baht, remaining 7,800 million baht.

  • Financial institutions leave to entrepreneurs up to 100 million baht.
  • Tourism and Supply Chain Operators
  • Interest 2% per year

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