Government Require Companies to Pay in full THR 2021 Page all

JAKARTA, – The government ensures that private companies are required to pay holiday allowances (THR) in full this year. This means that they are no longer paid in installments or cut as in last year.

This is because the government has provided a lot of stimulus for the business world to be able to survive during the CCovid-19 pandemic.

“The government requires friends from companies, the private sector to pay the full THR for their employees in Ramadan this year,” said Secretary of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Susiwijono Moegiarso at the 2021 Land Transportation Technical Coordination Meeting, Thursday (8/4/2021).

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He explained that one of the incentives given to entrepreneurs is the Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM) that is borne by the government for new cars. This tax discount is considered successful in increasing car sales by 143 percent in March 2021 compared to the previous month.

In addition, there is also a value added tax (VAT) incentive borne by the government for property or housing. This stimulus increased home sales in March 2021 compared to the previous month.

In detail, home sales in the low-income segment (MBR) increased by 10 percent, in the middle segment by 20 percent, and in the upper segment by 10 percent.

Other incentives are also provided in the form of credit restructuring to credit guarantees.

Susiwijono emphasized that a series of incentives has been disbursed by the government, one of which is for employers to be able to pay THR to their employees.

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“During the pandemic, we have given various incentives to various sectors, the point is that during this Ramadan, the government requires companies to pay THR in full for their employees,” he concluded.

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Previously, workers asked for the Hari Raya Allowance (THR) in 2021 to be paid in full, no longer in installments like last year. Moreover, there are still companies that have not paid the 2020 THR payment.

“Cook, now you want to be paid in installments again, when is it paid off? So we ask that there are no more installments to pay the THR,” said President of the Confederation of Indonesian Workers Unions (KSPI), Said Iqbal in a virtual press conference, Monday (5/4/2021).

According to him, the labor union adhered to the statement of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto in a meeting with 24 representatives of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), who asked employers this year to commit to paying the full THR of employees.

Therefore, his party asked the Minister of Manpower (Menaker) Ida Fauziyah later not to issue a circular (SE) which contradicts Airlangga’s statement.

“The state refers to Government Regulation Number 78 of 2015, it has not been abolished, and in this regulation there is no mention of paying the THR in installments,” he explained.

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Meanwhile, the Ministry of Manpower (Kemenaker) is still considering the decision for companies to pay holiday allowances (THR) to workers or laborers without installments.

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According to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Manpower Anwar Sanusi, his party is still observing the condition of all companies this year.

“Yes, this is an option we consider from the analysis of the companies whether they are still affected or have risen,” he told, Saturday (3/4/2021). However, his party is still designing a system of giving THR with the National Wage Council.

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