Government move stumbles in Conagua; workers resist going to Veracruz


The decentralization of the federal government is advancing at a forced marches, mainly due to the pandemic, as recognized by President López Obrador on July 22. It is one of the two commitments, out of 100, that he has pending.

On that date he also recalled that this change must be voluntary for grassroots workers, and that they will be supported with loans so that they have a home.

However, trusted employees of the National Water Commission (Conagua) oppose his transfer to Veracruz, which would have to be resolved in January for managers and in June for middle managers.

The main arguments for not moving are the lack of financial support to do so (most pay a mortgage in CDMX) and the insecurity that plagues the state. Veracruz ranks third at the national level in committing crimes such as kidnapping, intentional homicide, extortion, business robbery, human trafficking, drug dealing, rape, femicide, and robbery of passersby, according to Inegi, which calculated that 82.6 % of the population in Veracruz has a perception of insecurity.

“Derived from the talks held with the Conagua authorities, as well as with our national union and seeing that there is no updated information regarding the change of affiliation to Veracruz, our position will remain the same.

“We are in a total and absolute rejection to the change of assignment, since it harms us in all possible ways, therefore, until we have the meetings with our national union and again with the authority to analyze the guidelines, pros and cons, support, criteria, logistics and options for your benefit related to change and more of the people who do not want to change, there will be no unilateral movement, since your union organization will always watch over your interests and rights.

“We reiterate our commitment to always assert their rights, benefits and take care of their health,” reads the statement entitled Total and absolute rejection of the change of affiliation, issued on November 24, 2021, by the Union Section number eleven.

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Until now, the change of headquarters from Conagua to Veracruz, as part of the federal government’s decentralization project, has not yet materialized.

In May 2019, the personnel working in the Pemex Tower, located in the Macroplaza of the Malecón de Veracruz, were informed that they would be relocated to another building, since this would now be the headquarters of Conagua, however, on a route that Excelsior performed on the site, no major changes are observed.

The Pemex office continues to operate. What was found was a couple of workers making adaptations in another wing of the building, who assured that maintenance is being given, apparently for an office, since they are also placing furniture.

Sources within Conagua indicated that the Boca del Río Regional Hydrometeorological Center, which is located in Luna Bausa alley, is being adapted to house Conagua.

The main building of Conagua, located at Insurgentes Sur 2416, in Mexico City houses around 1,632 people, 39 Senior Public Servants, 833 Middle Managers 243, General Trust Tab and 517 General Base Tab.

“Our immediate bosses are pressuring us, through meetings, that we have to move to Veracruz, but until today, no one has talked about giving us a single peso for household items when middle managers have an average monthly salary of 16 thousand pesos, nor on any type of benefit for the worker, they are simply giving us the order that we must be there no later than June 30, 2022 or they threaten to request our resignation “, commented a trusted employee of the facilities of Insurgents.

Conagua employees also argue that their change of headquarters to Veracruz is unnecessary if in the Republic there are local addresses in 19 states and 13 Cuenca Organizations distributed in the 12 missing states. In addition, one of the Basin Organizations is called Golfo Centro, it has its headquarters in Veracruz.

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In fact, Excelsior He asked that Conagua de Veracruz unit, the Gulf Center delegation, about their position on the transfer and what they responded was that the next week they would make their opinion public.

The Conagua official, in charge of the transfer to Veracruz, is the daughter of the head of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection, Rosa Icela Rodríguez Velázquez. She is in charge of material resources, human resources and financial resources through the Deputy Director General of Administration. Her name is Alejandra Icela Martínez Rodríguez and her monthly salary, according to data from the Public Function is 154 thousand 487 gross pesos and 107 thousand 368 net.

As for the Ministry of Health, last October its owner, Jorge Alcocer, reported that 100 employees have been transferred and that he expected to relocate another 1,200 for the first half of 2022 to the offices in the smart building, in the Costera Miguel Alemán, in Acapulco.

In a conference at the National Palace, he indicated that according to a survey, 944 of 4,600 participants, that is, 20.5%, responded that they are willing to change their residence voluntarily and clarified that those who do not “may request their change of assignment ”.

“As public servants, we also question whether the operations of the federal government institutions will continue to be functional, since they are all so dispersed in a country as large as Mexico.”, Concluded an employee of Conagua.

The data


  • The person in charge of the transfer is Alejandra Icela Martínez Rodríguez and her monthly salary, according to official data, is 154 thousand 487 gross pesos and 107 thousand 368 net.


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