Gourdon. Jean Coulon Hospital, first purchaser of the XT 3400

The Jean Coulon de Gourdon medical center laboratory has just received the XT 3400, a state-of-the-art biochemical analyzer produced by the American company Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

The management of the hospital reports being the first buyer in the world of this little wonder and proposes to be a “demonstrator site” at the national level. A second XT 3400 is expected in Australia soon.

After delivery and installation of this device, several phases are underway for commissioning in early February 2020 at the latest. Previously, the technicians of Ortho must start up, calibrate, connect and validate the PLC.

These different phases allow the transmission and reliability of the analysis results. These steps are necessary and are part of the quality approach specific to the CH laboratory.

Gourdon’s laboratory technicians, notably Sandrine Loth, first referent on the automatic biochemistry machine, Julie Barbero, second referent, and Josiane Goillon, healthcare executive, are entering the training phase to make this new tool work better.

In view of its size and size, the installation of this automat also required an adaptation of the premises, work carried out by the technical services of the hospital.

The XT 3400 is a digital controller. It only needs a minimal sample taken from the patient: 2.7 microliters. Specialists will note that it analyzes by reflectrometry, that the sample is applied robotically on a multi-layer support, that the spreading, anti-interference and reaction layers are superimposed on a plate in postage stamp format to produce results with accuracy and precision.

When substances such as plasma, serum, urine or cerebrospinal fluid come into contact with these layers of dehydrated chemicals, a spectral reaction occurs and can be measured by the XT 3400’s computer system. solid multilayer support allows for distinct reaction domains, optimizing each step.

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