Gott’s second daughter Lucie: FEAR OF DOMINICS!


That and much more lifted Dominic off the chair. “Look, I’m not the one to contact everyone! It must be reciprocal. Last year, I gave Lucia and her mother a new phone on a cart after my father’s funeral. They both argued how we would be in more contact now – and the deed escaped. Not one of them called, so don’t let me get cut off from cutting someone’s life, “defends Gott’s eldest daughter. And it adds an unpleasant experience with Lucia from last summer.


Šárka Rezková The Dominic Gott: I’m sorry we helped her!

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Next week on Tuesday will be exactly the year they both met Dad Karel at his home in Bertramka, where they “celebrated” his 80th birthday with him. Dominika flew to Prague from Finland, where she was living with her husband Tim Tolkki (54) at the time, in poor condition. She was taking sedatives and was not in shape at all. “I was nice to Lucca. But she was withdrawn all the time on Bertramka. The next day, she complained to Ivana that she was afraid of me, that she was shielding me. For God’s sake, why didn’t she tell me, “Dominika asks. “Why didn’t she look me in the eye and say – you look awful! I know I was in a terrible state, but she’s just a sister, so she could have told me and not complained to Ivana, who was already calling me a disgrace to her family at the time, “Dominika added angrily to her sister Lucie and widow Ivana Gottová ( 44).

Letter to heaven and divorce
The clash of the sisters provoked a “letter to heaven”, which appeared on his grave on the eve of Karel Gott’s late 81st birthday. It is signed by the widow Ivan, daughters Charlotte (14), Nelly (12), Lucie and grandchildren Vojta (10), Honza (8). The signature of Dominika and also the father of the boys Jan Kovařík (40) is missing. Lucie is divorcing him. “When I returned to the Czech Republic in December, Honza wrote to me from Lucky to see if we could see that he would like me to come. He complained that Lucka is very much under the influence of Ivana and that they have problems at home because of that, “she told the daily Aha! Dominica. The nurse immediately accused her of lying: “Regarding my divorce and information that I am under Ivanka’s influence, I state that I am not under the influence of anyone, our dysfunctional marriage was and is our private matter,” Lucie said. “I didn’t mean that it affected their relationship, but as Honza wrote to me, it was Lucka as such. In a number of things, “explains Dominika.

Dominika Gottová: About a dead stepfather, a lonely mother and a war with Rezková:

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