GOT7 shared a letter to ‘Akase’ after waving goodbye to JYP Entertainment.

GOT7 posted a letter to their fans. On the last day of her contract with JYP Entertainment.


Today (19 January 2021) 7 young boy band members GOT7 Consisted of Mark (Mark), JB (JB), Jackson (Jackson), Jinyoung (Jinyoung), Youngjae (Youngjae), Yugyeom (Yugyeom). and Bambam or Kan Pimuk Phuwakun Have posted pictures on Instagram It is a picture of the members’ handwritten letters. GOT7 DearAgase (Name of fan club GOT7) With the message on the letter written in Korean that says

“All Akasae, we are GOT7. First of all, we want to deeply apologize to the Agas. Which is the reason for writing this letter We are expiring and not extending our contract with JYP Entertainment. That was the beginning of us and we worked hard together until the very end. But we will continue to cheer each other in the future Every member has the intention of starting over with those who are ready to walk together on their own future paths. We wrote this because we wanted to inform the fans. Everyone knows it first.

We know that no words can dispel the feelings of pain and discomfort that Agazes felt. However, we think that there is only one thing we can tell Agase as GOT7 ..

We all want to continue making music for Agase, sharing stories together. Continue to spend time together in the future!

We will not leave behind the memories we have with Agase, who have watched and supported us since it was imperfect. But we will move forward with this memory. In a way that is not just hope But true, the 7 of us will impress you for a long time as they grow up in a unique way. Love GOT7 “

Reference: soompi

Thanks for the picture from Facebook: GOT7 / Instagram : / marktuan / jacksonwang852g7 / jinyoung_0922jy / 333cyj333 / bambam1a / yu_gyeom

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