“Got confirmed that I keep that level”

Bosnia and Herzegovina lost “only” 1-0 against France in the last World Cup qualifier. Malmö’s midfielder Anel Ahmedhodzic played from the start for Bosnia and had to wrestle with a well-known attacking duo in Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann.

Ahmedhodzic did well, has received much praise – and was also extremely close to scoring goals.

– I was almost sure that it would come in, but that’s how it is when you meet world-class players, he says, referring to goalkeeper Hugo Llori’s incredible save on Ahmedhodzic’s nod.

What was it like then to meet Mbappé? A challenge.

– It was special, I have never played against such a fast player before. I had to adjust my defensive game a bit and try to read him more. But it was great to meet him, he says.

– I’m pretty fast, but Mbappé is the fastest in the whole world, so I may not be where he is, he says and laughs.

But even if Mbappé has a little better cut in the step, Ahmedhodzic sees the match as proof that he is at a higher level.

– It feels good to be able to play against the world‘s best team, they won the World Cup. It was nice to be able to see that I have that level, I got it confirmed that I keep that level.

– It opens the eyes of more people, after such an effort, towards such a good team. I think people in Europe are starting to open their eyes.

Everything points to Ahmedhodzic leaving Malmö FF this summer and then for games with Atalanta in Serie A. Recently, Aftonbladet reported that the clubs in practice agree. Ahmedhodzic himself does not have much to say about the interest, but assures the supporters that one does not have to worry that he will already now be thinking about the next step in his career.

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– No, there is no need to worry. I’m here and I focus one hundred percent on the match against Hammarby. I think it’s great fun to play the Allsvenskan again and I really hope that you open up the audience so that you can enjoy the Malmö fans again.

He says that he thinks Atalanta is a “fantastic club” but when asked by Fotbollskanalen what he knows about the negotiations with the Bergamo club, he answers cryptically, with a smile.

– I know a lot but there is nothing I want to share.

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