Gorontalo Regent Removes Kadinsos After Risma gets angry

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Regent Gorontalo Nelson Pomalingo dismissed the Head of the Social Service (Kadinsos) Husai Ui. One of the reasons is because Husai did not answer correctly when asked by the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini related to the Family Hope Program (PKH) data. As a result, Risma got angry.

“What Mrs. Risma asked was answered not according to the actual data. So this is a problem and we at the Gorontalo Regency Government always verify. So, is the removal of the head of the social service related to that, one of them,” said Nelson, Monday. (4/10).

In addition to the case of incorrect data, Nelson mentioned five mistakes made by Husai as Kadinsos.

“First, I have always asked for data from the beginning, since the Covid case, I even formed a special data team. Second, coordination and communication are important because PKH is a companion as the spearhead of the Social Service,” said Nelson.

The next mistake, said Nelson, was that the salaries of the staff at a nursing home had not been paid for six months. Fourth, the issue of BLT which has been questioned by a number of parties and has never been resolved.

“It’s like buying rice from Gorontalo district, until today it hasn’t been done well. Finally, three days ago we were hit by a flood, when I wanted to communicate with him it was difficult to contact him,” regrets Nelson.

However, Husai denied that his dismissal was related to the incident where Risma was angry about the data. He also only found out about the stop on Saturday (2/10) night.

“The dismissal has nothing to do with the Minister of Social Affairs,” said Husain.

A video recorded Risma’s anger during a meeting with Gorontalo Provincial officials regarding the distribution of social assistance. Risma seems to be pointing a pen at a PKH social assistance assistant in Gorontalo.

He did not accept that his party was said to have crossed out the data on social assistance recipients so that the aid was not on target.

“So we’re not going to cross it! Don’t shoot you, don’t shoot you!” Risma said in a video uploaded to the Twitter account @numadayana, on Thursday (30/9). CNNIndonesia.com has asked permission to quote the video.

Furthermore, in the video, Risma also said that her party had never crossed out the data on social assistance recipients in the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS). Instead, they update and add to the data regularly.

“It’s the data that you often slander! It was me who got hit. DTKS was crossed out, I never crossed it out, we added all of our regions, why did I cross it?” said Risma.

Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie was offended by Risma who scolded one of the PKH assistants during a cooperation meeting regarding the distribution of Social Aid, Thursday (30/9). According to him, Risma’s angry actions while pointing at her citizens using a pen were inappropriate.

“When I saw the video, I was very concerned. I didn’t expect a minister, social anymore, to treat it like that. It’s a bad example,” he explained, quoted from the official website of the Gorontalo Provincial Government, Saturday (2/10).

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