Gorontalo Governor Offended Risma Angry at Citizens


The attitude of the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini or Risma getting angry at one of the residents in Gorontalo made Governor Rusli Habibie offended. The Gorontalo governor considered Risma’s attitude, as shown in the video circulating, to be inappropriate.

“When I saw the video, I was very concerned. I did not predict that a Minister, social anymore, would treat it like that. A bad example,” said Rusli after attending the Public Satisfaction Index Survey on Government Performance, at the Maqna Hotel, Friday (1 /10/2021), as reported on the Gorontalo Provincial Government website.

Rusli reminded Risma to maintain an attitude in front of the community, especially when visiting people’s villages. According to Rusli, Risma was angry with one of the companions of the Family Hope Program (PKH), in a meeting held on Thursday (30/9).

“Rates, positions, we must guard. There is no meaning to this rank, we leave everything behind. Even if he is wrong, he will be corrected, in public again,” said Rusli.

The incident of Risma’s anger occurred when the Gorontalo Provincial Government and district/city governments were conducting data matching. During the meeting, the PKH assistant who was scolded by Risma explained that there were residents who were registered, but the balance was never filled again. This allegedly made Risma angry.

At the same time, Rusli was accompanying Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto to Boalemo Regency.

“The PKH assistant conveyed to the Minister, there are names whose balances are empty because the information has been crossed out. That’s what makes his blood rise,” explained Rusli.

Rusli asked Risma not to behave in a grumpy manner like in the video. The governor with a background as a politician from the Golkar Party stated that he did not accept Risma’s behavior in scolding the PKH companion.

“It’s okay to be emotional, but don’t act like that. That’s my employee. Even though he’s a lowly employee, he’s human too. I’m an STKS alumnus, in the 80s I knew Minister Nani Soedarsono, the Director Generals, but no one behaved like that. I was offended I don’t accept it,” he said.

In particular, Rusli asked President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to evaluate Risma’s often emotional attitude.

“Please, while the President can also see it on YouTube, everywhere, because it’s already noisy. Commemorating his staff for being like that,” he concluded.

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