‘Gorgeous, speechless!’: Ouspenskaya’s daughter, transformed after plastic surgery, caused a sensation

The hot image of the aspiring artist struck the Russians on the spot. It seems that the black streak has finally ended in the life of Tatyana Plaksina.

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The 32-year-old daughter of the famous performer has come a long and very thorny path, but in the end she still managed to overcome her own demons. To date, Tatyana Plaksina, who has fully recovered from drug addiction, is pursuing a singing career.

It is clear that all the undertakings of the only heiress are supported by the happy Lyubov Uspenskaya. Not so long ago, the performer of the hit “Carousel” could not find a place for herself because of the “unfortunate” child, and now she has the opportunity to observe not only her creative achievements, but also the transformation of Tatyana’s appearance.

As Express Gazeta wrote earlier, miraculous metamorphoses took place after Plaksina the girl underwent several plastic surgeries at once. Judging by the latest publications of the young singer, the manipulations carried out were really successful. Instead of a sought-after and notorious young lady, fans now see before them a spectacular woman with perfect facial features. Today Tatyana posted another proof that she really has turned into a beauty and she no longer intends to hide in the shadow of her famous mother. According to the performer, she is now busy shooting her first music video.

“My dear moths, I am preparing a bomb for you. Today, since early morning, I’m shooting my debut video for the song “Miracle”. It will be magical, ”wrote Tatyana inspired by the success.

Fans of the prettiest artist immediately congratulated her on her pleasant chores. And besides, they admired the updated appearance of Plaksina, who has recently been proud of her ideal face of hers and is making more and more impressions.

“Tanyusha, you yourself are like a bomb. Beauty continues like this”; “How can you be beautiful! Look at yourself now and admire! Happiness to you”; “Insanely beautiful and outspoken beauty”; “Gorgeous, speechless!” the commentators said.

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